CellKb Immune

Database of mouse immune cell types

Search manually collected and annotated immune cell types and
author-defined marker gene sets from mouse.
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10 Jan 2021: Releasing CellKb Immune v1.0.1 with data from 26 more publications. Introducing consensus marker gene sets for all cell types.

What is CellKb Immune
CellKb Immune is a subset of the CellKb database containing immune cell types from mouse. Marker gene sets of all hematopoietic cell types are manually collected from scientific literature and annotated with cell, tissue and disease ontologies. Read more about the data collection process here.
Gene sets
Cell Types

What you can do with CellKb Immune
CellKb Immune helps immunologists rapidly search through published literature to find matching immune cell types in mouse associated with known marker genes, saving significant time and effort. Read more about the functionality here.
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Search cell types using marker genes
Use one or more lists of marker genes to find matching cell type signatures published in literature.
Search cell types with keywords
Search cell types by name, tissue, experimental conditions, publication details and disease annotations.
Search cell types by ontology
Navigate by cell, tissue or disease ontology and see experimental details.
Browse publications
Browse through all the list of publications available in CellKb Immune and find the cell types.

CellKb Immune v1.0.1 release
10 January 2021   NEW
A new version of CellKb Immune is up now with cell types from 26 new publications.
Introducing Consensus Signatures - Search and browse consensus marker gene sets for all cell types calculated from more than 24,000 cell type signatures in CellKb.
CellKb Immune preprint is out now
3 December 2020
The CellKb Immune preprint describing the CellKb functionality and methods is out now on biorxiv.
CellKb Immune release 1.0
30 October 2020
Announcing the release of CellKb Immune v1.0 - a subset of immune cell types and marker gene sets in CellKb. CellKb Immune is available FREE to academic users.