CellKb Immune

Database of mouse hematopoietic cell types

Annotate cell types in your single-cell RNA-seq data
using author-defined marker gene sets manually collected from literature.
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What is CellKb Immune
CellKb Immune is a subset of the CellKb database containing mouse immune cell types. Marker gene sets of all hematopoietic cell types are manually collected from scientific literature, annotated with cell, anatomical structure and disease ontologies, and integrated with protein-protein interaction networks from HitPredict. Read more about the data collection process here.
Gene sets
Cell Types
CellKb v2.3 updated: 20 Oct 2022

What you can do with CellKb Immune
CellKb Immune helps scientists annotate cells from single-cell RNA-seq experiments by rapidly finding matching immune cell types from literature, saving significant time and effort. Read more about the functionality here.
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Search cell types using marker genes
Use a list of marker genes to find matching cell type signatures published in literature and view cell type specific interaction networks.

CellKb Immune: a manually curated database of mammalian hematopoietic marker gene sets for rapid cell type identification
Patil, A. & Patil, A.   bioRxiv, 2020.